Congratulations On Joining The 5 Day Challenge!

Your'e about to embark on an exiting journey which could change your business for the better forever.

You're about to gain control over your marketing and step into the modern relationship sales model of customer engagement.

Here's what you have to do next.

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1. Join The Official Facebook Group

This is where all the action is going to happen in terms of feedback, group support, and growth.

If you're in any way afraid of missing out or getting stuck, you want to join the group right now. Just click the button to go to the group.

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2. Check Your Email And Phone

You'll get an email invite from Zoom for the official online course. Make sure to add them to your calendar so you don't miss any sessions. You'll also get additional emails for your SellEngage account and other items. Make sure to check your Spam folder and move all of them to the in-box if they end up in Spam.

That's it you're done! Get ready to start the challenge. We'll see you on the inside!

If you run into any problems or have any questions about your purchase, please reach out to support at