10 Ways To Use SMS In Your Business And 28 Days To Try It Out For Free

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01. Collect Leads That Actually Respond

Text messages are a great alternative to Email.

People have a work email, home email, secret email and junk email. They usually use the junk one to sign up for your offers.

They have multiple emails but one phone. Text messages have an open rate as high as 89%.

In a recent experiment we ran, simply adding a phone number filed to your lead generation forms saw a take rate of 73% with no drop in conversions. Use SMS to boost your revenue with the high deliverability of SMS.

02. Engage Prospects

There's nothing worse than generating a lead and not being able to get in touch with them.

Use SMS to engage with your leads as soon as they come in.

Think about it. Do you love picking up the phone from an unknown number? Do you even bother to check the voicemail if they leave?

Do you love digging through 30 emails to find the one email you care about?

For most people the answer is no. But people jump as soon as they get a text message. Why? Because that's where they communicate most with their friends, and family.

What would it mean to your business to be able to reach, and engage, more of your leads in a meaningful back-and-forth about your products or services?

03. Save Money By Qualifying Your Leads

Are you and your staff wasting your time with people who are unqualified, unwilling, or unable to buy?

Talking to unqualified prospects is one of the hardest thing for sales people. WIth text messaging, you no longer have to.

Set up an interactive chat bot and take people through qualifying questions before they ever hit the inbox. You can survey and qualify your prospects right on their cell phones. Once they're ready, your sales staff can see all the replies and set up a meaningful conversation with your prospects.

How much time and money would you save if you stopped letting unqualified leads waste your sales people's time?

04. Sell More To Your List

You spent a lot of time and money acquiring customers for your business. The cheapest thing you can do to make more money is sell them more things.

In sales the saying is "Buyers, buy." If they're not buying from you, they're buying from your competitors.

The problem with e-mail is that your messaged don't get through. The average deliverability rate for email in most markets is between 14% to 18%. That means that over 89% of your customers aren't ever going to see your offers.

Text messages have an open rate as high as 89%. When's the last time you didn't bother to look at your text messages? Even if you just previewed them on your lock screen? If you're like us, you've probably checked all of them.

The fastest way to make more money is to make an offer to your customers in a medium they'll pay attention to.

How much money are you leaving on the table by not offering to sell your existing customers more?

05. Provide Incredible Customer Service

When your customers need help, they need help now. They don't want to wade through countless web pages. They don't want to be put on hold. They don't want to wait for ages to check their email and see if you responded.

Text messaging is the ideal way to help your customers in the way they want to be helped. It doesn't matter if they're on a quick lunch break, or if they had to rush off to take care of their baby. Text messaging lets them engage with you on their terms. And it allows you to be a leader in customer service by always being no more than a tap away.

06. Increase Checkout Conversions

What if you went into a store and the cashier wasn't there to answer any questions you have about the product? Would you buy, or walk away?

That's often how it feels when people shop online. They get to the checkout page and need some answers. Those answers never come so they don't buy.

You can set up a text me now button on your checkout page to be there when people need you. Sure you could put live chat on your page, but that gets dropped as soon as they leave, or their browser crashes.

With text messaging, you can literally be at your customer's fingertips to help answer all their pre-sales questions.

How much money is your company losing by not being more accessible during checkout?

07. Increase Your Average Order Value

Are you an online marketer with a funnel?

For those that don't know, a funnel is a straight buying process with multiple offers, post checkout, from the initial product.

SMS is a great way to put a special offer in onto your up-sell pages. Imagine a pop up when someone is about to refuse your up-sell, offering them an additional incentive to buy now.  You could send a special code by text and let them save that sale.

08. Get More Online Reviews

Local businesses live and die by their online reviews. Having a review process in your business can be hard. Your staff may get busy and not execute in spite of their good intentions.

Software can be complicated and expensive to set up and integrate. Or worse still, your customers won't have the patience to deal with the process.

Text messaging is a life saver for local businesses. It's easy to set up a quick chat bot that asks for a simple 1 out of 5 rating. If you get a 1 rating, you can engage the customer and try to save your reputation.

If you get a 5 star rating, have the chat bot ask them for an online review.

It works like clockwork and frees your staff up to do what they do best, provide 5 star service!

How much money is not having more online reviews costing your business?

09. Smooth Out Seasonal Downturns

Is your business prone to seasonal swings? Many businesses are. If you experience down periods around seasonal cycles like summer or winter, there's no better thing to do than offer a flash sale in the off season.

Communicating with your existing customers during your down cycle is a great way to smooth out the drop in income. It keeps you top of mind and lets you make sales while your competitors are struggling.

Text messaging is the ultimate way to do timely offers and get revenue coming into your business today! There's no waiting for anyone to pick up their voicemail, or waiting weeks to get fished out of their spam box. You get through today so you can sell today.

What are all the offers you can come up with during a down period to get your customer list excited to buy?

10. Save Your Abandoned Carts

E-commerce stores will see abandoned carts anywhere from 10% to over 50%! That means that people wanted to buy your product but life got in the way, and they never completed their transaction.

The best way to salvage your abandoned carts is to send out a text message with a reminder and special offer. Customers appreciate the reminder and the bonus incentive is the cherry on the ice cream Sunday of profitability for your company.

Are you tracking your abandoned carts? How much more money could you be making if even 20% of them turned around and bought your offer?

11. BONUS: Special Offers And Coupons

There's nothing better for your business than creating a segmented list of good customers. Then making a special offer to them.

SMS is the best way to communicate with your VIP customers and super referrers. Create special curated lists and keep in touch with them on a personal level. When the time comes, send out a special offer or coupon just for them. Then sit back and watch the money roll in.

12. BONUS: Save Credit Card Declines

If you're doing a good job, most of your customers won't want to stop their subscription.

But they all forget to renew their cards. And email reminders often end up in SPAM. Don't take the chance of losing precious income because of a simple expiration date.

Set up an automated sequence to text your customers before the credit card expires. The cheapest way to grow your revenue, it to plug up the holes from declined and expiring card.

13. BONUS: "Time To Come Back" Reminders

Even worse than an expiring card is people forgetting to come back. We see this all the time in cosmetic clinics and hair salons.

Imagine being able to automatically send a text message to your Botox® patients two weeks before they needed their appointment. When you don't take action, people go to your competitors.

Don't let your rivals steal your sales with their ads. Reach out directly and get instant eyes on your offer with just in time messaging. How much more money could you be making by simply reminding people that it's time to come back for their next appointment?

14. BONUS: Lower Your Refund Rate

The biggest killer for online sales is the dreaded refund. Most people tend to refund out of frustration. Either they can't figure out what they bought. Or they think it's broken because they're using it the right way.

You can easily fix this by providing a "Text us for help" card with anything you sell. Let people reach out directly with instant feedback right when they need it most. Salvage your refunds and create a customer for life with Text Messaging.

15. BONUS: Get Buyers To Consume Your Content

When someone buys your online course, the worst thing they can do is not go through it. It's not only bad for them, it's also bad for you.

They won't get the result which sucks. But you don't get to build that relationship and connection, which sucks more.

The more time your course buyers spend with you in your content, the more likely they are to build an affinity and buy again. Don't let your buyers sabotage themselves and your income. Set up a reminder drip sequence to guide them through your content when they need that extra little bit of encouragement.

Here's Why SellEngage™ Is Awesome

From Bots to Live Chat

Let your auto responder and interactive bots do the hard work. Then connect and sell to your customers with our live chat intercept. Combine machine learning and the human touch to maximize your income and pull people through your funnels.

Get Past SPAM Filters

It doesn't matter how many leads you get if your messages don't get through. We create thousands of message variations and use advanced sending techniques so you don't get blocked by greedy carriers.

No Stupid Message Rules

Say what you want when you want to. With SellEngage you're in charge of your data. As long as you stay legal, we don't impose stupid 24 hour limits like the big social media platforms.

Sell What You Want

As long as it's legal, we don't care what you sell through the system. You're in charge of your products and services. Sell what you want when you want, the way it should be.

Pay Wholesale Rates

We let you bring your own Twilio account so you always pay wholesale rates for your messages. No hidden fees or sneaky markups. Our pricing is clear and straightforward.

Connect WIth Real People

Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes. Most people have 15 email addresses and 1 phone. Make meaningful connections with real people on their primary device of choice.

Built For Marketers

Most software is built by geeks and bean counters. It's not geared to creating human connection and fostering sales. Your marketing is at the core of our system. Nothing matters more than connecting and selling to your prospects.

Built For Sales

Don't let your sales people talk to deadbeats and dead ends. Our unique ability to create a human-machine hybrid means you can fully qualify your prospects before they sit down with your sales staff. Maximize closing rates with marketing qualified leads.

Customer Service Rockstar

Get 5 Star reviews for your business. Use our automation to get feedback from your customers in real time. Ask the happy ones to review. Immediately respond to the unhappy ones to salvage your relationships.

Don't Overpay For Texting

With SellEngage you bring your own Twilio account so you pay wholesale rates. That means you pay 357% more for texting with other platforms.

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Integrates With Everything Plus The Kitchen Sink

We know how important it is to move quickly and implement your ideas. We also know not all businesses have large development teams. Thats' why we made sure to give you all the options you need to succeed .

applications social media

API Support

Integrate with your custom CRM, Shopping Cart or any other custom system using our simple to implement API .

Native Zapier App

Connect to more than 2,000 apps using our native Zapier app. Automate your business so you can focus on what matters most.

Forms and Custom Integrations

Easily copy and paste our simple downloadable form to start capturing leads on any landing page. We can also help create custom integrations that meet your needs.


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  • Live Texting
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  • BYO Short Code
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  • Custom Integrations
  • New Feature Requests
  • Custom Feature Builds
  • Additional Team Members
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$297 / month
  • Live Texting 5 Campaigns
  • Number Of Contacts 1,000
  • Text Bots 10 Bots
  • Auto Text Responders 10 Campaigns
  • Multiple Twilio Accounts No
  • BYO Short Code No
  • Priority Support No
  • Custom Integrations Email
  • New Feature Requests No
  • Custom Feature Builds No
  • Additional Team Members Yes
  • 7 Day Free Trial No


$1,000 / month
  • Live Texting 75 Campaigns
  • Number Of Contacts 25,000
  • Text Bots 75 Bots
  • Auto Text Responders 100 Campaigns
  • Multiple Twilio Accounts No
  • BYO Short Code Case By Case
  • Priority Support Yes
  • Custom Integrations Email
  • New Feature Requests Yes
  • Custom Feature Builds No
  • Additional Team Members Yes
  • 7 Day Free Trial No


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  • Live Texting Unlimited
  • Number Of Contacts Unlimited
  • Text Bots Unlimited
  • Auto Text Responders Yes
  • Multiple Twilio Accounts Yes
  • BYO Short Code Yes
  • Priority Support Yes
  • Custom Integrations Email & Chat
  • New Feature Requests Yes
  • Custom Feature Builds Yes
  • Additional Team Members Yes
  • 7 Day Free Trial Yes

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